Will Triple Crown Guarantee MVP For Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?


Will Triple Crown Guarantee MVP For Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

Could an American League Triple Crown for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. be enough to stop the Shohei Ohtani MVP Express? We may find out this fall.

Ohtani dominated the hype leading up to the All-Star Game, but Toronto’s Guerrero Jr. delivered the home run that propelled the American League to victory. It would be Guerrero, and not Ohtani, who snagged game MVP honors. MLB betting odds had Guerrero priced at +500.

Guerrero is attempting a similar feat in American League MVP baseball futures markets. Much has been lost amid the white-hot hype surrounding Ohtani’s dual-threat abilities. Most prominent is the fact that Vlad Jr. has the American League Triple Crown within reach. Still, the MLB odds across most U.S. sportsbooks and sportsbooks in Canada have Ohtani as a strong favorite in MVP betting.

Should Guerrero win a Triple Crown, would that make him an automatic pick for MVP honors?

The answer is a surprising “no”. At least, that’s the case if you want to use history as a guide. Ted Williams won the Triple Crown twice – in 1942 and 1947. And in both years, he was denied MVP honors. In 1942, the award went to Yankees second baseman Joe Gordon. In 1947, it went to Joe DiMaggio. Both Gordon and DiMaggio played for the pennant-winning Yankees. But they were statistically dominated by Teddy Ballgame.

The last player to win the American League Triple Crown was Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers, who also won the MVP award. But Cabrera was not up against a two-way player like Ohtani. He is leading the majors in home runs in July, and is also 4-1 as a starter with a 3.21 ERA and 95 strikeouts in 73 innings.

Guerrero’s Triple Crown Chase

Guerrero has already proven himself to be a wise wager in Ohtani’s shadow. Before the All-Star Game, Guerrero was +115 to homer in the game at DraftKings sportsbook and +300 to hit a home run in an American League victory. Both bets cashed.

There are no more outright home run, RBI or batting average markets available on sports betting apps and betting sites. But backers of Guerrero can get him to win the monthly totals for August in two of those categories at BetMGM. Guerrero is +500 to win the monthly HR title across the major leagues, and +400 to record the most RBIs that month. There is no market for batting average.

In overall American League MVP betting, Ohtani is -290 at FanDuel sportsbook. Guererro is the second choice at +210 at the same site. Next is Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts at +4000.

Each Triple Crown category may come down to the final weekend of the season, if not the final at-bat. Ohtani tops Guererro in home runs 34-32 in the American League heading into the weekend. They are also No. 1 and 2 in the majors. Guererro leads the American League and majors with 79 RBI, while Jose Abreu is second with 75. The race for the batting average crown in the American League right now is between Houston left fielder Michael Brantley at .331 and Guererro at .329.

Triple Crown May Not Be Enough

In 2021, could a Triple Crown be enough to slow the Ohtani machine when it comes to MVP voting? Ontario sports betting fans will be optimistic, but it’s going to be a tough election campaign. Ohtani has drawn superlatives, and has frequently been compared to Babe Ruth. And baseball needs his star power as much as he needs baseball. Ohtani is as much a superstar among his fellow players as he is with the baseball betting public. Even Guerrero asked to be photographed with Ohtani during a break before the Home Run Derby in Denver.

One edge that Guerrero may have is the plight of the Angels. As was the case with Williams, who was never a favorite of the press during his day, Ohtani is playing on a team with little or no shot at the postseason.

The Blue Jays continue to flirt with making a run at an American League wildcard. The Jays have yet to play in their home stadium this season. Playing at home in front of fans who have not seen their team in person since 2019 should be a boost. The Jays return home on July 30. The team has previously played its “home” games in Dunedin, Florida and Buffalo, New York.

The Blue Jays are +200 to make the playoffs at DraftKings, while the Angels are +1000. MVP voting takes place between the end of the regular season and playoffs, so any postseason performance is irrelevant to the process.

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Will Triple Crown Guarantee MVP For Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

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Will Triple Crown Guarantee MVP For Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?