Ranking Every Starting NFL QB By Record Against the Spread


Ranking Every Starting NFL QB By Record Against the Spread

Which NFL starting quarterback has the best career record against the spread?

We examined all 32 starting QBs ahead of Week 1 of the 2021 season to determine how much money you would have won or lost backing them each time they started in the NFL throughout their careers.

So who has the best NFL betting record ATS? Here’s a hint: His initials are “TB.”

Care to guess?

The answer: Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who is a stellar 35-13-1 ATS, covering in 71.4% of his career starts so far.

Bridgewater won the job over Drew Lock in Broncos camp. As an NFL starter, Bridgewater is 35-13-1 ATS in his career while playing for the Vikings, Saints and Panthers. That crushes his 26-23 mark outright in 49 NFL starts.

The other “TB” is pretty good, too. Tom Brady is 201-138-8 ATS for the Patriots and Bucs in his seven-Super-Bowl-ring career. Would-be weekly Brady backers are up $4,770.90 using the same formula since Brady made his first start when replacing Drew Bledsoe 20 years ago this month.

Not all spreads are created equally. For this project, we used the archived weekly Las Vegas consensus lines, according to Pro Football Reference.

All 32 NFL Starting QBs Against The Spread

Here is a look at all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks against the spread in their careers. They are listed with their current team, overall record against the spread, their cover percentage and the amount of money a would-be bettor would have won or lost backing them each week of their NFL career.

There are links to each individual story in the chart, as well, so feel free to bookmark this page and consult it when planning wagers, making NFL picks, or checking out the upcoming week’s NFL lines.

There are three rookies starting this season: Mac Jones of the Patriots, Zach Wilson of the Jets and Jaguars QB and No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence.

All quarterbacks ordered by cover percentage, from highest to lowest.

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North of the border, sports betting in Canada is live in the province of Ontario. Sports betting is set to become legal in Florida as of October 15, pending the outcome of a pair of lawsuits in federal court.