New Zealand struggles with ongoing Covid-19 outbreaks


    New Zealand struggles with ongoing Covid-19 outbreaks

    New Zealand has extended the country-wide pandemic measures until 27 August, maintaining the Level 4 national lockdown.

    Auckland specifically will have to deal with the lockdown until at least 31 August. “We don’t yet believe that we have reached the peak of this outbreak or necessarily the edge of it,” said a Government official. Level 4 lockdown is the highest in the country and restricts many non-essential businesses.

    The cases in the country include the recent outbreak in SkyCity Auckland casino, when a Covid-19 positive guest visited the casino on 14 August. More than 1,000 people, including other guests and staff, were forced to undergo a 14-day quarantine as a result. Reportedly, at least one of the casino employees tested positive as well.

    SkyCity closed its Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown properties last week until further notice. Other casinos in New Zealand also closed their doors, including Christchurch Casino and the Grand Casino that remain inactive to obey the Government-issued rules.

    SkyCity meanwhile announced that Murray Jordan will retire from the company’s board effective from 30 September 2021. Jordan joined the SkyCity board in December 2016 and was the Chair of the People and Culture Committee since January 2018. He was also responsible for overseeing the Horizon Hotel development project in Auckland. While the SkyCity board thanked Jordan for his contribution over the years, the statement didn’t mention who will be taking up his position.